Emsworth Forum is Gaining Support


News February 2014

Emsworth Forum is gaining support from the community

Momentum and support is gathering for the new Emsworth Forum. The Community Group in Emsworth has applied to Havant Council (HBC) in recent days for approval to form a ‘Neighbourhood Forum’ under the name of ‘Emsworth Forum’ and prepare a ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ under the Localism Act.
From Monday 24th February, the Council is consulting on the application via its website, for 6 weeks.
The Localism Act gives people who live and work in Emsworth the opportunity to have a more powerful say in how the town is developed in the future through a Neighbourhood Forum. The community group’s founders are all residents and Stephanie Elsy, a local businesswoman and former London Local Authority Leader, is the group’s Chair.
“This is an exciting opportunity for people living and working in Emsworth to have a real say about the town’s future and we need everyone to get involved to make it happen. We are delighted with the positive response we have had to this initiative by local residents and organisations and we believe that all the legal requirements have been met for the application to Havant Council to be approved. If you live or work in Emsworth please get involved and help us by joining the Forum.” said Stephanie.
When the public consultation ends on April 7th, the outcome will be considered by Councillors at their June meeting. Anyone connected with Emsworth can comment and show support for the Forum by emailing HBC or by sending a letter to them demonstrating their support. The application has been posted in full on the HBC website and comments need to be in by 7th April 2014. www.havant.gov.uk/neighbourhood-planning/emsworth-neighbourhood-planning
The application has also been posted in full on the Emsworth Forum’s new website:

The Forum’s activities can be followed on Facebook and Twitter
Local people and organisations can join the Forum by visiting the website, entering their
details via Twitter and Facebook or by writing to

Emsworth Forum, Emsworth Community Centre, North Street, Emsworth. P010 7DD.

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