Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan – The Draft 2017

Draft Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan Public Consultation

We are pleased to tell you that after many months of work by our volunteers on your behalf the Draft Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan is now published for public consultation.

View the Draft Plan Here


Electronic copies can be downloaded here by clicking in the graphic to the left

Print copies can be viewed at the Emsworth Library, 23 High Street, Emsworth, PO10 7AQ or the Emsworth Community Centre, North Street, PO10 7DD

Print copies can also be viewed at the Emsworth Farmers Market on 18th November and 16th December 2017.

Copies will also be available to inspect at a Public Meeting being held to present and discuss the Draft Plan at the Emsworth Forum AGM between 10-12am on 16th November 2017 at the Emsworth Community Centre, North Street, PO10 7DD


How to make your representations:

You can express your views on the Draft Plan through an online survey here >>>>>. You will be asked questions about each individual policy so it may take up to 30 minutes to complete depending on how much you want to say.

You can complete a paper questionnaire which can be picked up and deposited at the Emsworth Library, 23 High Street, Emsworth, PO10 7AQ or the Emsworth Community Centre, North Street, PO10 7DD. Alternatively you can download and print a copy to post in here >>>>

You can also email the Emsworth Forum Chair, Stephanie Elsy, Stephanie@stephelsy.net

You can write to The Chair, Emsworth Forum, c/o Emsworth Community Centre, North Street, PO10 7DD

The Draft Plan will also be presented to the Emsworth Forum AGM and Public meeting at the Emsworth Community Centre between 10-12am on 16th December 2017. Mulled wine and mince pies will be available.

All representations will need to be submitted by 17:00pm on Tuesday 19th December 2017.


Once the consultation finishes, the Forum Committee will consider your comments, and those of the ‘statutory consultees’, and make any necessary changes to the Draft Plan to take those views into account.

We then submit the Draft Neighbourhood Plan to Havant Borough Council for them to conduct a further public consultation and appoint a Planning Inspector who will formally and publicly examine the Draft Plan to check that it is compliant with the law and that we have followed the proper process in creating it. Once they are satisfied, the Plan will be put to the electors of Emsworth ward in a Referendum.

The Draft Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan has been created from the public consultations the Emsworth Forum has conducted, from discussions with key stakeholders and on the basis of advice from Havant Borough Council and the Forum’s Planning Consultants, Aecom and Feria Urbanism. You can read reports of these consultations and technical work here >>>>>

We hope you will be as excited about it as we are and we thank you for your patience and all the support you have given us during the time we have been working on it.


“The Plan proposes that the A259/Havant Road roundabout be completely redesigned to bring the north and south of the town centre together again. This will ease traffic flow, improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists and enhance the character and environment of the High Street, North Street and the town centre. This is described as a ‘new civic square’. The concept behind this has been successfully introduced in a number of places in the UK and overseas. The Plan refers to the case study in Poynton in Cheshire. We strongly recommend you look at this video which shows what was done for Poynton, Cheshire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vzDDMzq7d0. Clearly this was an expensive scheme but it has transformed resident experience of being in the town centre and improved their town socially, economically and environmentally. We believe this could be done for Emsworth. If there is support for this proposal, funding can be sought for it at a later date.”



All the Emsworth Forum’s work is managed by a brilliant team of local volunteers with donations of time and resources from local businesses and residents. We are very grateful for all their generous support. We only pay for goods and services that we cannot source for free.

If you would like to help us organise the public consultation please contact our Chair Stephanie Elsy at stephanie@stephelsy.net or on 01243 379973. If you are able to help us with the costs of printing posters and leaflets please  do so by contacting our Treasurer, Jan, whose details are set out below. Any donation no matter how large or small will be greatly valued.

In order to complete the Neighbourhood Plan, however, we will need to more funds and volunteers to help.

If you can give us a donation please give as generously as you can by sending a cheque to Jan Morgan, Treasurer, Emsworth Forum, c/o Emsworth Community Association, North Street, Emsworth PO10 7DD. Or you can make a direct credit to our bank account: sort code 77-25- 11, a/c no 32274260

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