DCLG also awarded the Forum a package of technical support to conduct a housing needs assessment for Emsworth that was done on our behalf by DCLG’s planning consultants Aecom. The report essentially does two things:

  1. Looks at how much housing Emsworth might need in the future but not the supply of sites available in Emsworth – which we know is very limited. We also do not yet know what housing target PUSH (the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire – the local government sub region including Havant BC) will be given by the government. HBC have advised us that they believe those targets will be publically available in June. In light of this, the Forum does not intend to use this report to set a target for new housing in Emsworth in the draft plan at this stage.
  2. Secondly, Aecom looked at the type of housing that is needed in the future in Emsworth. They make a series of conclusions and recommendations which included
    1. Setting a target of 40% for new housing developments to be affordable housing.
    2. Stating that new developments should include more smaller units, including flats and terraced housing, to help younger, first time buyers and to enable older households to downsize.
    3. Stating that a greater proportion of new family homes should be 3 bedroom rather than larger 4-5 bedroom units.
    4. Encouraging specialist housing for the growing elderly and/or disabled population, including smaller units for independent living.

These recommendations were discussed in detail at the Forum Management Committee and will be incorporated in the draft Plan policies. Please email Stephanie for a copy of the full report   stephanie@stephelsy.net

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