Progress is made – August 2016

Our local MP, Alan Mak, recently had a meeting with representatives of the Emsworth Surgery and relevant NHS bodies where we understand progress has been made on developing the scheme although terms have not yet been agreed between the Practice and the NHS. We are particularly pleased that all parties have accepted the principle which the Forum has lobbied on – namely that the new building should be ‘future proofed’ to deal with Emsworth’s projected population growth. This is even more important given the housing Plans detailed above. We are disappointed however that no one from the Surgery or the local NHS organisations has kept local community groups informed and we will continue to press them to engage meaningfully with us and other interested local organisations. It was agreed at the recent Forum Management Committee that the Forum, the ERA, EBA and ECA would work together to develop and approve a local Health Policy Statement that we can promote to the local health bodies.

Progress report to July 2016

The Forum Health Group has had another positive meeting with South East Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group who will fund the new surgery. (for detailed notes on the meeting click here)

We are pleased to report that the Department of Communities & Local Government (DCLG) has awarded the Emsworth Forum a package of technical consultancy support to help develop the new surgery using a new planning process called a Neighbourhood Development Order. This process means the developer (the Doctors and the NHS) can obtain planning permission more quickly and therefore more cheaply alongside and as part of the Neighbourhood Plan. Many other parishes and neighbourhood forums are using this process in other parts of the country but this will be the first time this NDO process will be used for the development of a surgery.

You may have seen a statement in the most recent edition of the Ems by the Surgery Patient Participation Group that is critical of the Forum’s activities around the development of the surgery. The Forum Health group, led by David Thomas, with representatives from  the ERA, the ECA and the Friends of Emsworth Community Health will continue to work with all the local health stakeholders to make sure that the surgery is built as soon as possible and meets the future needs of the town. The Forum Chair, Stephanie Elsy, wrote to the PPG and the surgery to explain the Forum’s role and to reassure them that the Forum wishes to work constructively with the Practice and all other stakeholders. You can read our letter here.

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