Why Being Involved in a Neighbourhood Forum Makes Sense

“I just don’t do this sort of stuff”

Nor do I. Or at least I didn’t until I was asked by a friend to get involved.

I have always viewed local politics as being something that someone else does. Not something that I can alter, change or influence.

Not that getting involved in a neighbourhood forum is politics, it isn’t, but even so I thought my involvement would be minimal. However it turns out that the well being of a local forum is dependant upon the need for a diverse set of skills and the people that I have met so far have an incredible range of talents that are so obviously going to be required at some time.

It is an interesting spectacle if you are a people watcher. A few months ago there was nothing. No apparatus for a local voice and no apparent mechanism to create one. I don’t even know if there had been a serious discussion to have one.

But a debate was started and little by little ideas were mulled over and representations to the local borough council were made. No one knew how well they would be received but the processes of expectations and anticipations had begun. People became curious and the ideas were discussed in greater depth. Meetings were formalised as it became apparent that the council were taking the approaches seriously.

And the more processes that were formalised the more interest was taken. Maybe we all need that structure? Momentum had started though and witnessing an animal in its formative state grow into an active living organism is always inspiring and  none the less so with a collection of equally inspiring people coming together to do something for their local neighbourhood.

I don’t wish to over egg the achievements made so far as things have only just started but there is a great deal of optimism that the energy created is going to be rewarded soon.

And I got involved. Just a little bit – I designed this website – but I now feel  part of a community because I made a small contribution and it is immensely rewarding. I cannot over state that to someone who may be sharing my initial reticence to get involved. So, no matter what your skill set may be and no matter how little relevance you feel it may have to a local neighbourhood forum please disregard your misgivings and join up. You will get a lot from it and it may well make you feel good too!

Mountain View