North Street Development



In the Emsworth Forum’s recent survey people said that North Street needs improvement and the re-development of the Hospital site is a major opportunity for the town. So with the support of a special government grant the Forum commissioned AECOM, a global firm of design experts to look at what could be done to improve the area. They visited the town, met with local councillors and community representatives and conducted research to produce a report which you can see here:


If there is support for some of their suggestions the Forum will endeavour to include those ideas in the Neighbourhood Plan.
The report includes ideas such as:

1. Development of the Victoria Hospital site. The report suggests three possible options for the development of the proposed new surgery
including additional community healthcare provision and housing. In our recent survey and public meetings there were calls for additional community
health services to be produced on the site but the option of using some of the site for housing is a new suggestion. This could be social housing or a
commercial development. What is you view of these suggestions?

2. Re-modelling North Street with pedestrian and cyclist crossings to improve north-south movement across the town centre. The A259 by-pass has relieved the traffic pressure in the village centre but it acts as a huge barrier to movement on foot and bicycle between the north and south of Emsworth Centre. This badly affects the footfall for the shops and restaurants in North Street and people often take their lives in their hands by crossing the road at the roundabout rather than use the underpass. AECOM propose using pedestrian and cyclist crossings to help ease of access from north to south near the roundabout. This would of course affect the speed and flow of traffic along the A259. Would you welcome this?

3. Reducing the width of the carriageway in North Street and widening the footpath to provide a place where people can sit and spend leisure time. Again this would reduce the traffic speeds along North Street and help create a more relaxed environment where cafes could spill out into the street and create a more pleasant leisure environment that would encourage people to spend more time in the shops.

4. Traffic calming to reduce the traffic speed near shops and crossings. Speeding traffic along North Street is a major safety issue and reduces the quality of the atmosphere in North Street.

5. Parking spaces in front of the supermarket and re-location of the street furniture. Currently people often park illegally in front of Tesco’s, leading to numerous parking fines. It is natural the people want to stop outside a supermarket for a few minutes to get some milk etc and there were parking spaces there some years ago. Should these be re-instated?

6. A public-private partnership to improve the public realm, de-clutter the building facades and create a more attractive environment. There are numerous historical buildings in North Street including Victorian shopfronts. Should there be a partnership to improve the design of the street and retain that historical character? Should it be a conservation area? Should some of the buildings be protected in some way?

7. Moving the library to the fire station should it be re-located in the future. We understand that modern Fire Engines do not fit in the present Fire station and that a new one may need to be found elsewhere. If that were to happen – what should happen to the building? The Museum is already housed above the Fire station – should the ground floor be given over to the Library or some of the community purpose?


You can also see the report your ideas and thoughts at the Emsworth Library and the Community Centre and write to us via drop boxes at the Library and at the ECA.
The consultation is open until the end of October.
Please let us know what you think.

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