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The Emsworth Forum, working with the Emsworth Residents Association and Emsworth Business Association and other local groups, is taking the first major step in developing the Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan.

Our first phase is to gain initial feedback from people who shop, live and work in Emsworth – yes all of us. The aim is to understand what we all love about our town and how we would like to see this protected and improved. The finished plan will create a framework that will guide development across the town: everything from parking to flooding, education to house building. This has to be ready by May 2016 so the countdown has started and there is a lot to do.

Neighbourhood plans are being developed by Parish Councils and Neighbourhood Forums up and down the country. Southbourne and Westbourne are well ahead and have theirs drafted. There is a set process to follow to get the work done and this has to be followed to make sure the final plan has the authority it needs. This is mainly down to making sure as many people as possible have had their say. With well over 500 members of the Forum now and membership growing by the day we will have a very robust plan.

The process we have to follow has lots of steps but put simply it is as follows:

Phase 1 Open consultation. This is where the first survey is used and we find out what is important to everyone about life in Emsworth now and what we want in future.
Phase 2 From the ideas and areas identified in Phase 1 a detailed questionnaire is produced and sent to every household.
Phase 3 From the Questionnaire a draft of the plan is developed and this is then open for consultation.
Phase 4 Our agreed plan is then sent to Havant Council for approval.
Phase 5 A Government Inspector then makes sure it is all correct and does not conflict with national and regional plans and policy.
Phase 6 Finally it goes to a vote in a Referendum where all residents have the chance to vote to accept the finished plan. We are aiming for this to happen at the May 2016 local elections.

It sounds like a long winded process but the final result will be a document that details exactly what we all want and will save residents, land owners, developers and the council time and money when it comes to making sure all new developments and improvements to the town are what we want for us, our children and many residents in future.

Hopefully you can see why it is important to have as many people involved as possible.

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