Health, Well-being and Social Care

It is obvious that health matters to everyone in Emsworth and there are real pressures on our local services due to demographic issues such as an ageing and growing population. These pressures will only increase as time passes.
Emsworth is a lovely place to live, but life is not necessarily easy for everyone living here. This working group will take a holistic look at the health and social care needs of our community today and in future needs and work to ensure that the services and support structures are in place for people living here.
If you are interested in helping with this, please join the Forum and us know.


As a brief summary we found that in general people agreed with the findings of the recent Forum Survey which said:

• Strong support for the move of surgery to the hospital site in a building providing only health and social care. This must be accessible and central. There was no support to retain the existing hospital building;
• There is a critical need for the development of services to keep pace with population growth of the town, possibly with a further satellite surgery as growth takes place in the North of the town and an increase in GPs;
• There is a need for access to other additional medical services to be co-located with the new surgery in addition to GP surgery, including:

  • Blood clinic
  • X-ray
  • Podiatry/chiropody
  • Physiotherapy
  • Baby weigh-in
  • Family planning
  • Minor injuries clinic (with transport provision)
  • CT scanners in every surgery;
  • Provision for access to visiting consultants was also proposed;
  • There is a need for a local store for health aids and equipment (as provided by British Red Cross previously);
  • Other support services should also be available, including:
  • Stroke rehab clinic
  • Dementia support
  • Meeting room for public health education;

• Modern telecommunications allow the provision of remote diagnostic services with video streaming of images from Emsworth health centre for more distant medical diagnosis and support. There is a need for training in the older population of how to use telehealth if it is to be introduced.

Oak Park

• Access to Oak Park was seen as problematic given lack of public transport;

• However people were not aware that there is a volunteer car service run from the surgery.

Post-hospital Care

• Need for provision post-release from hospital, with rehab services locally and the provision of respite care beds, possibly on a small scale in existing or planned nursing homes;

• In order to reduce long hospital stays, provision of care in the home should be encouraged. This could be part of a social enterprise scheme;

• Community social support while in hospital suggested and care in the community careers;

• Services should also be joined up for ease of move to local services after hospitalisation.

Care in the Community

• Community nursing should be local based;

• Both respite care and support for carers need more attention;

• Community support is important;

• Publicity needed for defibrillators in Emsworth including one to be accessible 24/7;

• Publicity needed for information about ‘non-GP’ services to deal with illness and health issues and health education e.g. the use of local pharmacies rather than GP visits. Talks to be put on by the patient participation group about health issues;

• Concerns were raised about nursing levels within the community.

Promoting Good health

• Need encouragement for individuals to take responsibility, including diet and exercise;

• Focus needs to be on all parts of the community, given the use of technology for leisure by young people;

• Community volunteers were seen as more important than professionals in this role;

• Mental health support was seen as a part of health promotion and linked back to activities and social support. Emotional mentors suggested;

• Walking and cycling seen as central, which will require better facilities for cyclists. Cycle paths must be improved in order to encourage this (as seen currently in Havant Road);

• Walking to shops to be more encouraged if shops could be persuaded to provide a delivery service or trolley borrowing service. This will also free up parking space;

• An outdoor exercise area should be provided and other health facilities as seen in Westbourne;

• Community-centred exercise events such as a half-marathon or cycling event organised in many other towns across the country could make a real contribution for all ages;

• HALO (Havant Area Leisure Organisation) commended;

• Must remember that although Emsworth is generally seen as an affluent community there are real pockets of deprivation which may need more support and these areas should not be overlooked;

• Healthy eating should be better promoted, with focus on children. The educational role of Tuppenny Barn and similar organisations is vital;

• Emsworth has a lot of activities going on which promote wellbeing but these must be publicised so that people are encouraged to attend;

• There is a need to encourage mobility in the elderly population in Emsworth safely and effectively;

• There needs to be improved facilities for young people including youth clubs and sport clubs;

• Encourage movement between the young and the old and harness the community spirit;

• Health promotion needed: diet, exercise and stress. Promotion could be provided by professionals and volunteers via the local news letters e.g. Shoreline or the Ems or other media such as flyers;

• A range of people involved in health promotion is thought to more effective than only those from the medical profession;

• Education of parents on how to manage their children’s video game usage and encourage physical activity.

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