We had another great public meeting last week on Development and Flooding issues. Thank you to everyone who came and you can see below a summary of the issues that were raised.

Feedback from our Last Public Meeting

People agreed with the findings of the recent Forum Survey which said

  • People value the location: the shoreline, the open, green spaces, the village and its character
  • They recognise the need for development especially for affordable housing, accommodation suitable for older people and larger homes for families
  • Also recognise that there needs to be space for industry, small businesses and shops and restaurants (but not any more charity shops and estate agents)
  • Concern that development should not outstrip infrastructure especially regarding increased traffic and flooding risk
  • Major concern that new housing development would make flooding worse
  • Flood mitigation schemes needed as soon as possible
  • The Environment Agency and Havant Borough Council need to be more robust when agreeing to flood alleviation schemes put forward by developers
  • New developments must have good quality design

Other issues that were raised at the meeting included:

  • Problems with local electricity supply outages due to old and poor capacity in the electrical supply infrastructure (North Street)
  • It was recognised that even the planning authority can be overruled by the planning inspector when there are concerns about development e.g. the Baptist Church
  • There has been considerable growth in traffic on the A259 due to developments beyond Emsworth and we need to work together with neighbouring areas on that
  • Two flood alleviation schemes are currently going ahead but the scheme at Bridge Road has not been deemed cost effective in the government’s funding formula which is disappointing to residents living there.

There were also some really useful ideas generated that we will need to consider in the developing neighbourhood plan.

  • Development in areas at risk of flooding should be required to minimise flood risk and property level protection is needed for those properties known to be at risk
  • Authorities need to identify who is responsible for maintaining drainage assets and to make sure they are maintained
  • The use of porous materials in housing development should be encouraged in order to reduce surface run off as concreted areas expand
  • Developers need to be made responsible for upgrading sewers where they are building so that urban drainage is sustainable
  • Flood “hot spots” require clear identification
  • Thorough flood risk assessments are needed for new development and impact studies required and these need to be reviewed by the community
  • Need to recognise the value of community action e.g. The Flood Action Group that would work closely with the council to incorporate the council’s ‘Emsworth flood strategy’. There should be some discussion with Havant Borough Council about holding flooding workshops
  • The need to build community resilience to flooding further via Emsworth Flood Action Group and for the community to do more to raise funds for flooding schemes

Transport infrastructure

  • A local bus service is needed to link settlements in the town, decrease traffic and parking pressures
  • Development across borders should be taken into account and there is a need to liaise with other local neighbourhoods
  • Cycle routes need to be made much safer and more attractive – e.g. North-South routes – and Emsworth should receive funding from local development funds
  • Another exit is needed on A27 in order to reduce traffic levels


  • Consideration should be given to workshop or office/home hubs
  • Any proposal to change use from business to housing should consider heritage as well as employment and other community requirements
  • Encouragement for small businesses

The environment

  • Priority should be given to development on brownfield sites instead of greenfield e.g. the site behind Seagull Lane
  • The retention of the local gap between Emsworth and Havant is essential to maintain the identity of the town and to protect green spaces. Efforts will need to be made to protect it after 2026

Character and design

  • Before planning applications are submitted, plans should be subjected to the views of an architect panel for views on sustainability and aesthetics of housing
  • High housing densities should be avoided

Needs of the young and the elderly

  • Sheltered housing and housing for older people should be prioritised and we should consider having schemes with ‘step up care’ for when people need it
  • Affordable housing should also be prioritised
  • The Forum needs to get in touch with SSE when considering electricity infrastructure in the plan
  • New builds should be required to be sustainable and energy efficient to the highest standards. We could consider having district heating through solar panels



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