Emsworth is well to the top of the safest places in the world to live.  Crime is at a very low level, so too are road accidents, accidents in the home and on the water.

CRIME: Crime figures are consistently falling and are now at a historically low level.  While robberies are almost non existent, anti social behaviour is relatively high but even that is at a low level compared with other areas.  As for burglary, Hampshire Constabulary’s figures show that in November 2013 there were only 5 and in December only 8 – unpleasant for the victims but a pretty good figure for a population as a whole –  some 10,000.

ROAD ACCIDENTS:  Likewise we have a commendably low accident figure in Emsworth and accidents rates continue to fall.  The figures may be distorted by serious accidents on the A27 bypass and other factors but that’s not to say that we shouldn’t be vigilant.

By far the highest risk on the roads today are for young women – often classed as “children” in the statistics if they are under 18 – travelling in the boyfriend’s car – a very worrying issue.  Other countries prohibit young men from carrying passengers under the age of 25 but that standard is yet to reach the UK.  On the other hand, accidents for pedestrians and cyclists are at a very low level and Emsworth is remains a pretty safe place to cross the road.

OTHER RISKS:  Fires in the home are next on the list.  While rare in Emsworth they occasionally happen.  Candles, cigarettes and the lack of a fire alarm raise the risk, so too are the few houses with open fires with chimneys that are not swept regularly.

We occasionally get people stuck in the mud in the harbour and we have excellent rescue services and the result is seldom more than embarrassment for these who venture across the mud.

EMERGENCY SERVICES:  The Police, Fire and Ambulance services give an excellent cover to Emsworth, with rapid responses where appropriate, despite their reduced resources and funding.  They also produce interesting statistics on line which are worth browsing.  The Police – Hampshire Constabulary – publish an excellent site for Emsworth at:

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