Last week on 1st July 2015, our last public meeting in this series was on the topic of transport and safety. Thank you to everyone who came including our two Police Community Support Officers and Stuart Wood from HBC who told us about all the transport infrastructure developments that are currently taking place in Emsworth. A summary of the views and ideas from the meeting is posted below.


• There is a need for a transport survey to identify needs, especially of businesses. There should be on going engagement that considers a wide variety of needs.
• It was suggested that young people need to be involved in activities such as cycling with an activity day. British Cycling Go Ride events raise the profile of cycling in towns in the UK
• A Cycling Festival would assist in raising the profile of cycling and increase the “critical mass” of cyclists in the town.
• Tree planting can and should reduce traffic noise
• Growth of traffic on the A259 is a major concern
• a new access road to the A27 between Emsworth and Fishbourne would reduce traffic volume down Horndean and Havant Roads but this is a major development that would take years to achieve
• Trees have been chopped down north of the station which has increased traffic noise for local residents. Tress should be considered to block noise.
• A better sign is needed for the A27 Emsworth turn off as it is very late and visitors often pass it

Town centre issues

• There was some support for a one-way system through the town centre south of the A259.
• There is a need for better crossing for pedestrians in centre if current lay-out is preserved
• Serious consideration should be given to a shared space scheme in the centre, now successfully implemented in Europe and North America and some UK locations, including Winchester.
• Issues for visually impaired pedestrians had been raised and need to be addressed, as elsewhere.
• Better pedestrian crossing of North Street needed by station and Tescos
• A booklet produced to inform people of walks should be redistributed


• Short term parking for shoppers not seen as a major issue (this contradicts the survey findings)
• There is how ever, a significant issue for those working in shops and other businesses in the town.
• It was proposed that an employers’ car-park could be created either on a new site, such as the gas-holder site, by agreement with an existing car-park owner, such as the New Life Church, or an existing under-used public car park such as Palmers Road.
• The current season permit scheme needs to be changed to fit in with normal working hours
• Employers may be able to assist the purchase of season permits
• Car-sharing should be encouraged as much as possible, including parking concessions
• Parking in unused driveways could assist the employee parking problem. If residents who have driveways they do not use offered them for a fee via they could earn an income and solve a parking problem.
• Either parking restriction outside Tesco in North Street should be enforced or a proper provision made for short term parking. A new medical centre on the hospital site will make this situation potentially more dangerous if there is illegal parking. A zebra crossing outside of Tesco would also be good.
• Current residents parking scheme should allow some visitor permits or vouchers
• Employers could offer a tax free loan for car park passes, as with tax free bicycle loans.
• Business car parks could be released for the public on Saturdays
• Herringbone parking suggested on Queens Street to increase spaces but only if it was one way

Speeding and related issues

• Strong support for 20 mph limit throughout centre, but also along some roads near schools. However, support was not universal and further evidence of effectiveness is needed – possibly from HCC pilot schemes
• Enforcement and speed calming measures needed in Southleigh Road, New Brighton Road and Horndean Road where speeding is seen as a significant issue.

Cycling infrastructure and safety

• Pavements could be used more by cyclists – eg on one side of the road
• Cycle paths could be delineated by cats’ eyes
• Cyclists could be more visible themselves, with high viz clothing and lights
• A map of cycle routes should be distributed throughout the town or placed on a notice board.
• The police have regular cycle security events – need to promote these


• Proposal for a “hoppa” bus linking North Emsworth and the centre. It would probably need to be a community-run service and/or electric minibus such as the model on the Isle of Wight.
• Services also need to QA and Oak Park medical centre.
• Bus stops are too close



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