Victoria Hospital Site – what are your thoughts?

In our survey last year, and the public meetings we had this summer, many of you told us that you would like to see more services delivered from the new surgery when it is built on the Victoria hospital site.
As a result, the Forum, with other community leaders, have been discussing with the Emsworth Surgery, and other NHS partners, the plans currently being developed for moving the Surgery to the hospital site.
In those discussions, we suggested that the Surgery considers developing extra community healthcare space and services and the Friends of Emsworth Community Health (who own the land next to the hospital
and have legacy funding) generously offered to support this proposal financially by covering the capital cost of the extra space. To our disappointment, the Surgery have rejected this proposal and offer of
support and told us, in discussion, that this proposal would cause delay to the development of the new surgery and potentially put its NHS funding at risk. At this time, we have had no formal confirmation
that this would be the case, and are continuing to attempt to engage constructively on your behalf with the relevant NHS bodies on the surgery development plans. While we wait for the funding position to
be clarified by those NHS bodies, we would like to ask your view of the site development options that we believe could be available and how you think we should proceed.

The Aecom Report, commissioned by the Forum on how to improve North Street, included three possible options for the proposed development of the Victoria Hospital site:

Option 1 – develop a 2.5 storey building to house Emsworth Surgery only

Option 2 – develop a 3 storey building for Emsworth Surgery and space for community healthcare

Option 3 – develop a 3.5 storey building for Emsworth Surgery and space for housing.

Which, if any, of these options would you like to see? Would you be happy to see the site used for the surgery alone? Would you like there to be space for community services? Would you be happy for some of the site to be used for housing?

Please tell us what you think by going to

Please forward this email to anyone you think may be interested in this important issue for Emsworth.

You can find the full AECOM report here

You can tell us what you think about the report as a whole here


The AECOM report and their proposed plans and ideas can also be seen on the Forum website and in the Emsworth Library and the Emsworth Community Association.

The consultation is open until the end of October.

Thank you for taking the time to help us with this work.

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